5 Important Facts About The Jungle Cattle From Sulawesi

1.There are two species of Anoa, the lowland Anoa or Bubalus Depressicornis and mountain Anoa or Bubalus Quarlesi. Mountain anoa is smaller and hairier than lowland anoa. Both of them live far inside the forested area, but Mountain anoa usually lives at the higher elevation area. But overlapping their habitat is not uncommon for both of them.

2. Both Anoa are endemic of two islands, Buton and Sulawesi Indonesia. Both species live at those islands and called Sapiutan or jungle cattle.

3. Anoas are the smallest bovine in the world. Their size are 60 – 90 cm height and 150 – 300 kg weight. Just a little bigger than deer. But unlike Buffalo or cattle that live in the herd, Anoa mostly live alone just like the rhino.

4. According to IUCN, both species of Anoa are endangered since 1986. There are less than 2.500 individual left around both islands and decreasing. Human activity that converting their habitat to agriculture and settlement are a major threat.

5. Anoa in captivity could live until 20 years. They could be laboring a single calf every year and the cow and calf live together until 2 – 3 years.

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