The Javan one-horned rhinoceros – Indonesian

The Javan one-horned rhinoceros – Indonesian
image source: - The Javan one-horned rhinoceros – Indonesian

The javan rhinoceros or Rhinoceros sondaicus only live at Ujung Kulon National Park, West Java. This species perhaps the biggest mammals that critically endangered. The scientists reporting that there are only 50 – 70 javan rhinoceros at Ujung Kulon and no one at the captivity.

The javan one-horned rhinoceros or Indonesian javan rhinoceros ever live at java and sumatra in Indonesia and Indochina and south Asia. Nowadays, they are dissapeared frome those area, except Java. Only male javan rhinoceros having horned, the female doesn’t have at all. They live solitary except for mating and only the female one raising the calf.   

There are several reason that made this species critically endagered:

  1. Their habitat are reduced by human activity. Male territory occupied 12 – 20 km2 and the female 3 – 14 km2 . It;s mean they need large area to live.
  2. They need salt lick. It’s mean they could not live too far from coastal area.
  3. Eventhough the national park  stricly guarded by the rangers, some people still poaching them for their horn. The rhinoceros horns are very expensive at the black market.
  4. Their reproduction are low. Only every 4 – 5 years female javan rhinoceros born a calf. The calf live with her until 2 years old.

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